Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Baton Twirling, Modern, Lyrical, Acro, Tumble, Cheer, Combo Classes

Ages 2.5 through adult and professionals




Halloween Parade 2019 Champions

Way to go!  A great parade - 4 years  in a row!

Congrats - The new Millersville University Coaches

Mrs Russell is now the head coach for the twirlers at Millersville University!  Way to go  Congrats

The All Stars Perform at WCU January

The Russell's All Stars were invited to perform January 19-20, 2019 at West Chester University.  Chosen after video submission the team was invited to perform in two shows.  Such an honor and exciting time.  This years theme was Legends and the All Stars performed a new piece to Elvis.   Great job to all performers for a fabuolous show and weekend!


Congrats to all who participated in the Parkesburg Hallowen Parade.  Way to go for winning first  place in dance and baton division.  So proud and excited.  Three years in a row we shined in Parksburg.  Thank you for all the parent help, banners, etc.  WE ARE THE RUSSELLS ALL STARS


Hello friends! We've been dancing around behind the scenes here on Facebook to make sure none of you miss a beat.
You may have noticed we've updated our main Facebook page, @russellsdanceandbatonstudio.
We're updating our Group page as well, so all of our Group conversations will soon **only** be at
Thanks so much for following us! Looking forward to seeing you all on the dance floor!


Two huge dance studios, lots of space!  Come and join us for this state of the art studio, professional dancers and more.  534 Trestle Place! 

The Russell's Are Expanding to Downingtown

We are so excited to announce that we are expanding to Downingtown.  We have always dreamed of having a studio in Downingtown and we found the perfect one.  A state of the art dance facility at 534 Trestle Place!  Starting September 2018


2018 Tu International Team Champions - BRINGING HOME THE GOLD TO COATESVILLE

We are so proud to have the 2018 Dance Twirl and Twirl Team Team Champions from Canton, Ohio.  What a great trip on the bus, team gift exchange and bringing home the GOLD.  Way to go

Legacy Dance Championships

We loved competing for the weekend in York, PA at Lagacy Dance Championships.  Not only did we capture overall awards, but we won Platimun which is the highest score.  We are so proud of our dancers and their great routines.

Twirl Mania 2018

Super excited to be traveling to Florida for over 20 years to perform and compete on the International level.  This year over 15 students and the staff are gearing up for this big event.  We came home being  the Twirl Mania International Dance Line Champions.

West Chester Dance Festival - 10th Year Anniversary

What an honor to be chosen to perform in the 2018 Dance festival bringing back an old piece from several years ago.  What a fun expereince 21 girls on stage performing for a sold out crowd.

Russell's Opens Up New Location - Cackleberry Farms

In order to give all children an opportunity of the arts, we have opened a new location at Cackleberry Farms located on Rt 30 business - high ceilings - great space with many sports.  Come and join us at several locations.

Twirl Mania 2017

The All Star Dance Team, Twirling Team and Solo students traveled to Orlando Florida to compete in the Twirl Mania International Competition.  Bringing home the coveted Team of the Year Trophy was the highlight plus many gold, silver, bronze in solo and team routines.  Such a great showing from the All STars plus performing in the Magic Kingdom.  Way to go.  Cant wait till 2018

WCU Dance Diversity Show

The Russells All Star Twirling Team performed to two sold out shows at  WCU January 2017.  What an honor and opportunity to be apart of this dance festival.  Our piece - We Are Joyful - was awesome, energizing and showed the discipline, focus and teamwork of this team!  Way to go All Stars 

2016 Nationals TU Ohio:  WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS

Juveniles winning 1st!



A fabuolous show of stars!  Here is the finale number!

MAY 2016

Little twirlers working hard

September - performance in Atlantic City

October 2015

Glenmoore Studio location opens.  What a great expansion to Glenmoore at the old Fire House - located next to new fire house and in front of the post office.  We are so pleased and excited to have grown into that area.  We are offering jazz, tumble, private lessons when we first opened and have now grown into many classes within a few months. 


The All Stars traveled to Virginia Beach where they captured the GOLD in dance team, twirling teams and many individual events.  We are so proud of all of their accomplishments and a great year!    What an honor and truly shows what hard work, teamwork does!  So many great memories were made and many more to come!

May 2015

As the All Star Twirling and Dance teams took the competitive floor - what a great statement you made.  Winning the 2015 Chapter 3 championships,  2015 Atlantic Coast Champions.  So many first place trophies lining the walls at the studio.  We are so proud and are now gearing up for solo competitions, Star power, TU, NBTA and AAU. 


March 2015

         This has been an awesome year so far. Since September we have competed in solo and team competitions around the country, performed at West Chester University and now preparing for our TIA journey and on our way to Wildwoon in May.  The team brought home all 1st places for cadets, junior and world class twirling teams on March 7 and March 14.  March 21st on our way to Downingtown High School for aother close to home competition. 

February 2015

       As many of our twirlers went to Twirl Mnaia in Florida - we brought home many championships.  A big congrats to Megan for winning Intermediate Miss Twirl Mania, Abby first in solo and Ava third in Intermediate Miss Twirl Mania.  What a great competition.  So proud of all solo students!

Miss Holly gets engaged. 

Congrats to Matt and Holly


What a successful team trip with winning 4 team championships.  A great way to end the team season with success, teamwork, and dedication.  Thank you to all team members on your hard work!


May 2014 - Penn State Blue Sapphire Classic and the Pennsylvania State Team Championships - a huge success.  Congrats to the All Star Teams for capturing SIX Team Championships and to Lala for winning the overall BSC.  A beautiful weekend. Pictures to come!!!!! 


 Florida 2014 Trip

Where to even begin on this trip!  The snow had many of us stuck in airports and at home for days.  Some eventually made it to sunny Florida and we were able to compete.  We missed all of our teammates and cant wait to see everyone. 

 Overall with all the caious getting there, the team did a fabulous job winning two International Team Championships and Ava and Calyn winning Miss Twirl Mania.  A successful trip overall and we tahnk God for allowing up to compete at Twirl Mania and show that the Russells All Stars work through everything together.  Thank you parents and students for another trip to add to the books. 


Being back at the college where they both graduated from and on the stage showing the world baton twirling and dance was fabulous.  The twirling sisters rocked the house at the WCU Dance Festival in January 2014


First place Coatesville Christmas Parade 2013

What a great day!  Being in our home town and capturing the Best Appearing Group fo the whole parade - WOW.  Thank you parents and students and two great dads Mr. Russell and Mr. Black for the trucks and float.  You are all true All Stars

Live on TV - Channel 6

Even in the rain - the Russell's showed the world what twirling is live with Adam Joseph on Channel 6 at the West Chester Christmas Parade.  We were chosen and got an opportunity of a life time.  Thank you Todd, Amy and Brenda for this awesome opportunity to show what we love to do - baton twirling.

First place Parkesburg Halloween Parade 2013

What a great day!  First event of the season and we come home the winners.  Thank you parents and all the twirlers that came out for our first parade.   Way to show off baton twirling while having some fun easing on down the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was truly a positive and exciting day, even Mrs. Russell twirled in the parade!


West Caln Community Day 2013

Thank you parents and team members that came out for our first event.  Seeing so many Russells tee-shirts, smiles and twirlers was fabuolous.  We appreciate all of your support and help!  Way to start off the season performing together and shining like the All Stars that you are. 

2013 Year End Review

What a year of many experiences!  We started last August thinking we cant beleive how many new team members are joining the team and couldn't wait till the first day of team in Spetember to start the routines.  As we started we knew it was going to be a success and sure enough we were correct.  The team performed on live televeision in Philadelphia, marched in several parades, captured the All Chapter Championships in Wildwood, taught clinics, won at the International Twirl Mania event in Flordia and now onto Notre Dame.  We are so proud of the growth of each student and the way the teams are blending as one.  We truly are appreciative for each student and parent and can not wait till next year! 


Congratulations to the All Star Teams and Villa Maria for winning the Twirling Unlimited Regional Team Championships in York, at the Toyota Arena.   So great to see so many work so hard in the practice gym and to see great imporvement in many of the new routines.  Now onto June 2nd competition, recital and nationals. 

2013 All Star Twirling and Dance Atlantic Coast Champions

Congratulations to the All Star Team Champions for winning the Cadet, Junior and World Class Divisions.  What a awesome performance in Wildwood Convention Center.  It was a great trip, especially our talent show....


2013 All Star Twirling and Dance Chapter Champions

Congratulations to the All Star Team Champions for Chapter 3.  Four great performances.  We cant wait for Wildwood.....

Morgan becomes Nebraska Feature Twirler

  Congratulations to Morgan on becoming the new 2013-2014 Feature Twirler for Nebraska…. We are so proud of you

Russell’s Twirlers are at:



North Dakota State

Penn State Classic

Congrats to Ava, Megan, LaLA, Hailee, Nicole, Jackie, Morgan and AnnaMarie.  It was so great to spend the day at Penn State and see you come home with so many individual awards and titles.  Remember practice makes perfect!  Cant wait to see your routines grow all the way till nationals!

Ava, Megan and Anna Marie win the Penn State Classic 2013

TIA Team Scores 2013

               Kutztown             Springford            Perkiomen Valley     Daniel Boone     Lampeter

Cadet -    Silver                    Silver                        Silver                       ----------               Silver

World Dance - 53.70            57.50                         55.90                         55.00                 55.70

Jr Twirlers -     61.72            64.37                         68.29                         71.96                  74.2

World Twirlers - 69.7            70.5                           74.8                           76.6                    82.0

Congressional Cup 2013

What a awesome day in Maryland!!  Megan wins the Begineer Twirl Off.  Megan and Jackie win the pageant.  Ava 2nd place.  Olivia 3rd place in the titles and so many individual 1st, 2nd, and 3rds in the solo events.  So great to have Nicole join our group and to see so many smiles. 

All Stars Shine in Florida at the Twirl Mania - International Event

We brought home 4 - Gold in the team events.  Capturing Miss Twirl Mania - Ava, High School Classic - Jackie, Pairs Champions - Tammy and Holly, Beg Strut - Olivia, Megan -5th Miss TWirl Mania, Mikenzie - 3rd Miss Twirl Mania, Haillee - 6th Miss Twirl Mania, Kalyn - 9th - Miss Twirl Mania,  Jackie - 7th Miss TWirl Mania, and more detailed wins to come.  What a trip.  A hectic three days of competing and performing but so worth hearing the Russell name called at those International Awards.  Great job teams and solo students.  A great way to start the 2013 season......

Jackie Toggart and Megan Bradley win the All Around in Virgina

 Two current world  team members competed in Virginia January 19th, 2013.  Both bringing home first place in there divisions and walking away with the overall  title.  Way to go girls.  What a great way to start the 2013 season.

Jackie Toggart - Performance in Florida

 A current world  team members performed in Florida January 2013.  What an honor and we are so glad you had a great time.   It is great to see you promoting baton twirling and showing off your skills. 

Olivia Kleintz - wins solo to go to the Twirl Off

 A current world  team member comes back to solo twirling.  She took the floor at the recent DMA contest and won the solo getting her to the final twirl off.  Way to go Olivia.  So glad you are back!

Kaitlin Broomell - Feature Twirler at Villanova

 A former world  team members and life long All Star Team Member is twirling at Villanova University.  We are so proud of your accomplishments and seeing you continue to twirl in college.  Keep up  the great work and love you videos from basketball games. 

Chosen to be in the Winter Dance Festival

 Way to go girls on being chosen to be in the 2013 West Chester University Winter Dance Festival.  What an honor and so exciting to be performing in West Chester at the end of January for two shows.  More details to come about this phenominal show featuring our very own - Russell's All Star World Team Members.

Congrats to the All Star Twirling Team

The Seniors and former Juniors will be performing live on Thanksgiving Day in Philadelphia.  Way to go girls on being chosen.  What an awesome expereince performing in front of thousands and also on television.  We were truly honored and had so much fun as a team.  The girls signed autographs and showed Philadelphia what baton twirling is...

Mrs. Russell - artistic director -

A big Happy Birthday goes out to Mrs. Russell.   

Congrats to Miss Holly Russell

Teacher and choreographer on becoming the new Villa Maria Academy dance teacher.  We are so proud of you!

Outstanding Feature Twirlers 2012

Holly Shively and Kalyn Kerr were awarded the coveted award two years in a row.   They are the 2012 Feature Twirlers at Octorara High School were the Russell Staff coach the twirlers and the color guard.  Awesome job twirlers!

Megan Bradley

Wins GOLD at the Junior Olympics August 2012 in solo and basic strut.  What an honor and an achievement for your first time at the Junior Olympics.  Way to go Megan we are so proud of you 


Russell’s All Stars Named Dance Twirl Team of the Year 2012

                What a twirling day at Twin Valley Middle School where the senior team captured the Dance Twirl Team of the Year.  This was not only winning there division but having the highest score out of the entire competition.  Way to Go Seniors!


The Junior All Stars To perform in West Chester

                The Junior All Stars were asked to perform there award winning dance twirl at a benefit for Acting Antics.  What a fun day of twirling – even on a stage.  The juniors showed what baton twirling is.  Great job girls and thank you parents for coming to cheer us on.


We have Done it Again!  2012 World Class Twirling and Dance Champions

                What a fabulous weekend in Wildwood for the Atlantic Coast Championship.  The Seniors have captured the World Class Dance and Twirling Championships.  What an honor and huge success.  There performances have people to there feet cheering.


Julia Ellis  

Became the 2012 Miss Twirl Mania


Baton-Twirling Clinic at the Bloomfield Middle School



The Russell's All Star Twirling and Dance Studio from Coatesville, PA
is very proud of their artistic director and their 10th anniversary
this year. Mrs. Elaine Russell was recently awarded the 2007 Coach of
the Year at a competition that was held in Norristown, PA. The award
is given to the top teacher with the most cumulative winners from the
students. The All Star Students shined in all the events winning the
team divisions, individual and duets. All of the members of the
studio have enjoyed working together as a team and not only winning
the most recent world class championship, but being able to come
together in every event to show the director how much she is
appreciated and deserves every championship that we win because of her
creativity, desire and passion for the sport of baton twirling and the
art of dance . This year they started their season off by marching in
two Christmas Parades and competed over a dozen competitions around
the USA.
The Russell's Studio is under the Direction of Mrs. Elaine Russell
and coached by Tammy Russell, Holly Russell. What an incredible
season and looking forward to the 2007-2008 season.


West Chester University Feature Twirlers Collegiate World Champions!

Starting in the Fall of 2005, these three twirlers, Tammy Russell,
Holly Russell and Laurie Harvey came together as the Incomparable
Golden Rams Marching Band Feature Twirlers. Who would have known
there hard work, dedication to the sport of baton twirling and their
coach Mrs. Elaine Russell could bring them to their ultimate victory.
The twirlers, coach and Mr. Russell headed to Indianapolis for the
NCAA intercollegiate baton twirling competition. This being the
first time that WCU was ever represented at a baton twirling event
like this. Hundreds of colleges came together for the ultimate goal
of bring home the gold for their college. WCU did that with flying
colors! The twirlers brought home gold in every event including the
Overall Championship. What a dream, but WCU twirlers did not stop
there. The following month they flew to Orlando Florida for the
Collegiate Classic held in Disney World. The team had a flawless
first round going into the second round where they captured the
ultimate Collegiate Classic at Epcot. All of their dreams are coming
true. WCU was on the map for having some of the greatest baton
twirlers around the country.
Team and coach then decided the ultimate finish would be to go to
Notre Dame for the World championships in July. The team trained
hours at the Russell's All Star Dance and Twirling Studio in
Coatesville and at the Layton Park in Wagontown, PA to prepare for
this next adventure. For two weeks the team was on the road and the
moment finally came. WCU is to take the floor in finals for the
Collegiate World Championships. A one drop routine and the crowd
goes wild. The team went on to win the Collegiate World Dance Twirl
Championships. In second was Penn State University and Third was
Alabama University.
It has been a dream, a victory and true home-town success story of a
small university twirling team that takes the world by storm. This
has never been accomplished by any other university and
West Chester
University has done it! Three consecutive championship titles! The
three twirlers are now gearing up for their new season at their studio
the Russell's School of Baton and Dance. A big thank you goes to
their biggest supporters and coaches, Mr. And Mrs. Russell for all of
their dedication, time

8/30/2007   Registration Night at the Union Hall from 5-8.
                   At 6:00 is the big announcement of teams and past awards! See you there!


7/30/2007 - 8/3/2007 AAU Junior olympics brought home many gold medals
to the Russell's All Stars Solo and Team Members. Russells were 20 members strong at the Junior olympics and represented PA with class and championships!

7/17/2007 -7/21/2007  Remarkable competition at Notre Dame University. Morgan
Winkler was crowned Beg. Little Miss Majorette of America. Her first
time at AYOP and brings home the most prestigious championship in the
USA.Russell's All Star Senior Team is the new 2007 Collegiate World Dance
Twirl Champions. What a great week of winning individual and group

3/11/2007  DMA solo contest - Russell's All Stars win in solo, two baton, and basic. A great local contest March 10th - TIDA first show out. Congratulations on sweeping first place in baton, dance and color guard. The judges loves our new shows. Now lets work hard to finish the shows.

The All Star Senior Collegiate Twirlers are featured in the news, and radio for winning the collegiate classic championship in Florida and the Intercollegiate Championship in Indiana. WCU twirlers are #1 and looking forward to many more competitions are the USA. What an honor and first group to achieve this success.

12/2/2006  Two great Christmas parades.  Wonderful job to all participants!

12/3/2006  December DMA contest Results:

                  Holly Russell captured the Christmas queen Championships

                  Julia Ellis and Morgan Winkler winning first place in modeling, basic and solo

12/14/2006  Happy Holiday's to all students, friends, and families from the Russell's!



9/7/2006  Holly Russell wing the Senior International Twirling Championships in July in Canton, Ohio Julia Evans wins Intermediate Miss TU World Majorette in Canton, Ohio

The Russell's All Star Senior Team captured the World Class and International team championships thought the 2005- 2006 twirling season.

The Russell's Twirling team was featured on the 4th of July in Washington DC.  The team was honored with a stand still performance in front of the White House.


4/11/2006   Holly's surgery went well.  She is on her way to recovery from a major surgery!

4/11/2006   Tammy Russell is now a Gold Seal licensed judge!  Tammy can now judge across the country.  Great Job!!

3/21/2006  Our dance choreographer wins again.  Holly won the Miss Philadelphia talent portion.




3/21/2006 Congratulations to all of the Russell's teams on winning all first places on March 4th and 11th.  Great job, keep up the good work

Wildwood dates are May 4th-7th
Chapter Championships are April 29th, 2006

8/31/2005 Registration Night for all new and old members.  If you cannot make it, you may call to register at any time....


Desire Indoor Guard meeting is 8-31-05 at 6:00.  if you can not make the meeting, please call Mrs. Russell to get the information.

8/29/2005 Auditions for twirling and dance teams.  Anyone interested may come to this audition.  Come and join one of the best competitive teams in the nation.....


The Russell's All Star had a successful nationals.  Holly Russell was crowned 2005 Miss TU World Majorette, International Two Baton Champion and Miss Collegiate Halftime Champion.  The tiny tot and juvenile teams swiped two first places in their team routines at the International competition and to many of the solo students that won individual events.  Great job! 



West Chester University proudly announces the new 2005-2006 Feature Twirlers are all Russell's All Stars - Tammy Russell, Holly Russell and Lauire Harvey.  Thee three girls are the reigning Twirl mania Champions and International team Champions.  Go WCU.....


WOW....... great job to all performers at the End of the Year Show and the Strawberry Festival.   For the summer you will want to take at least one if not all of the summer camps in Coatesville and Octorara.  These camps are designed for all ages and abilities.  Then in August there will be registration, auditions for all competitive teams and a start to a fresh year for baton, dance, tumbling, and color guard.  New members are welcome for both the Summer and the Fall sessions.    Come and help the Russell's All Stars as they expand across the Delaware Valley.