A Pre-Professional Dance School, Competitive Baton, Acro/Dance, and Cheer Teams, Recreational Classes, Zumba, Yoga, Private Lessons 

Acro/gymnastics/flip and tumble, power tumbling plus a competitive team

  • Do you want to learn cartwheels, backhand springs, side aerials, back flips, flexbility, stamina, and be able to compete?  Then we are the place to join
  • Learn gymnastic movements incorporated in a creative routine.  We have the beam, mats, wedge mats and equipment to work technique and flexibility.  No hassle on worrying about bars and vault!  A Stress free environment learning correct technique, in a dance setting
  • We offer baby acro, preschool acro, begineer acro, intermediate acro and acro competitive  advanced teams
  • Two great instructors who were former gymnasts and dancers who can demonstrate the movements and take your child to the top in acro and tumbling

  • Solo, duet lessons, classes and team available


2018 ACRO DUET and 2018 ACRO COACH