Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Baton Twirling, Modern, Lyrical, Acro, Tumble, Cheer, Combo Classes

Ages 2.5 through adult and professionals


Our studio focuses on dancers continuing dance no matter what the age.  We take pride in our studio offering classes and teams from 2.5 years of age through adults and seniors.  Come and join a studio that promotes the performing arts for all ages and all abilities!

We offer adult dance classes in:
ballte, pointe, modern, lyrical, tap and jazz.

Below is a list of class descriptions! 


The primary feature of tap dancing is the use of both feet as a musical instrument. The adult/teen tap class will introduce the basic fundamentals of Broadway tap technique. Emphasis will be given to tap steps and combinations, overall musicality, and performance of movement. Besides being an artistic style of dance, tap is a happy carefree form of movement that provides a great fitness workout to be enjoyed by all ages.


Adult/teen jazz will introduce the basic fundamentals of jazz technique at the intermediate level. The class will consist of a technique warm-up followed by practice time for body isolations and rhythmic step patterns. Movement combinations will include Zumba and Latin style movements, hip-hop combos, and traditional Broadway jazz movements (a must for musical theatre students). Embrace this lively art form and come “jazz dance” with us!


Adult modern is a way to express emotion, creativity and dance expression.  Come take a class that utilizes technique, flexibility, memorization, traveling sequences and unique dance style.  Learning styles from Martha Graham, ISadora Duncan, Paul Taylor and Ruth St. Denis to name a few. 


Adult/teen ballet will introduce the fundamentals of ballet. The class will consist of a technical floor warm-up followed by barre exercises, across the floor and combinations.  This is a fabulous class for all dancers to work here personal posture, turn out and technique.  This class is open to all who want to expereince a true ballet class.  Come and feel relaxation, fun and learning all in one class.

“Great dancers are not great because of their technique,

they are great because of their passion.”

- Martha Graham